Meghan Markle Family Wedding Crashers Have Landed In London Adding To Stress

As if Meghan Markle is not dealing with enough after the announcement that her father will not attend her wedding, now there is news that additional estranged extended family members have arrived at Heathrow Airport despite the fact that they are not invited to the royal wedding. It has been reported that the two sons of Markle's estranged half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., Tyler and Thomas Dooley, along with their mother, Tracy Dooley, have come to England to serve as "special correspondents" to dish the family dirt on Meghan's big day.

TMZ says that the three members of Markle's half-brother's family will be guests on Good Morning Britain, but they are not invited to any of the events, and will likely only see Meghan on television like the rest of us. Meghan's nephews had spoken out publicly asking to be invited to the wedding, but their invite never came.

Markle's nephews Thomas and Tyler are in their 20s and haven't spoken to their Aunt Meghan in years. Thomas Dooley works as a manager at a chain restaurant, and Tyler is a cannabis farmer in Oregon, where marijuana has been legalized, says OK! Magazine.

Tyler Dooley is using the royal wedding to talk about his cannabis business, saying that it might be taboo in the U.K., but it's fairly common in the United States.
"Meghan grew up in California and I am sure has an American view on pot. I know in England that marijuana is still a taboo subject but it's more normal to us here because we grew up around it in high school. Everybody experiments with it here."
The Dooleys said that they didn't expect invitations to the royal wedding as they have not been in recent contact with the bride, but they are proud of Markle.
"I talked to her probably about three years ago."
Metro says that Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister Samantha Grant will also be in the U.K., not as a guest of Meghan and Harry, but rather as another special correspondent for another television network. Grant, who took responsibility for the Thomas Markle faked photo debacle, cemented her estrangement with her half-sister after she announced she was writing a memoir about Meghan Markle.

Grant has referred to Meghan as a social climber and said that the royal family doesn't know "the real her."

"The royal family would be appalled by what she's done to her own family."
To capitalize on Meghan's notoriety, Samantha Grant is once again going by the name Samantha Markle.