'Days Of Our Lives' Recap: Theresa Maneuvers, Chloe's Uncomfortable, Leo's Stunned, And Victor Makes An Offer

Things have been crazy lately on Days of Our Lives and Monday's episode was jam-packed with action. Vivian is dead and this will send shockwaves throughout Salem, and both Theresa and Chloe are stuck in Mexico. How did things play out during the May 14 show?

Theresa was stunned to see Xander walk through the door, and Days of Our Lives viewers know that she has good reason to be worried. However, as SheKnows Soaps details, Xander quickly let it be known that he was well aware of who Mateo was and he wasn't there to harm her. Theresa saw Xander's presence as a potential opportunity to get some help and get home to Brady and Tate, and she tried to convince him to help her. She promised to smooth things over for him with Victor, but Xander didn't necessarily seem inclined to help.

Chloe was scrambling in her room to avoid Mateo's attention, telling him that she wouldn't sleep with him. Mateo praised her singing voice and managed to get her to sing "Ave Maria" for him, and he tried to entice her to be with him. Chloe remained resistant, but Mateo wouldn't give up on the idea. For now, he says that he won't force her, but he let Chloe know that he's not necessarily a patient person and he clearly expects her to relent and get intimate with him.

Sonny and Leo shared a kiss, but this left Sonny flustered and the two men agreed not to let it happen again. Of course, Leo's motives here aren't exactly honorable, but for now, Sonny doesn't realize what he's facing. Soon Leo popped up at the DiMera mansion where Kate was and they discussed Vivian's demise. Kate shocked Leo by telling him that she knew all about his deal with Vivian and she was stepping in and wanted to keep it going.

Brady was in the midst of proposing to Eve when Victor arrived, and Days of Our Lives fans know that Victor just can't help but to interfere in Brady's love life. He managed to get a few minutes alone with Brady and tried to entice him by offering up control of Titan again if Brady would break things off with Eve.

As Soap Central had teased would be the case, Brady was stunned to hear Victor's offer and his words encouraging him to think of Tate and Theresa rather than pursue a future with Eve. However, Brady quickly told Victor he wasn't interested in his offer. When Eve went back into the hospital room, Brady filled her in on what Victor tried to do and proposed. Eve, of course, said yes.

Lucas filled Will and Paul in on Vivian's death and this left Paul wondering what he'd be doing next since he'd been working for her. Lucas told Paul that he actually wanted to hire him and soon he explained that he wanted Paul to find Chloe. Will stopped by the Spectator and learned about Abby's confession in regards to killing Andre and he talked with Sonny about Vivian's death, Gabi's imprisonment, and wanting to share the news with Arianna that Gabi should be home soon.

Leo headed back to the Spectator and managed to dump coffee down his shirt, giving himself an excuse to take his shirt off. Sonny generously offered up one of his shirts, and Leo's stunt definitely caught his attention. Victor and Kate met up and discussed Vivian's death and Kate clearly has plans when it comes to gaining Victor's true gratitude.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that as the week continues, Theresa will make progress on returning to Salem and Gabi will have a difficult encounter with Abigail. It's going to be a week jam-packed with action and DOOL fans cannot wait to see where things head next.