Prince Harry Kills Taliban Insurgents, Says You Have To ‘Take A Life To Save A Life’

prince harry

Prince Harry’s military service doesn’t get as much media attention as his naked romps in Las Vegas, but the Prince has done several tours in hostile territory. Harry, who is part of an Apache attack helicopter crew, even admitted in a recent interview that he has killed a few Taliban insurgents.

According to CNN, Prince Harry has been serving as a co-pilot gunner (CPG) in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Harry isn’t bragging about how many insurgents he has killed during his time in Afghanistan, but he did say that sometimes it is necessary to “take a life to save a life. That’s what we revolve around.”

Harry said that the job of the CPG is to make sure that the road is clear for ground soldiers.

Harry said:

“It used to be very much: front seat, you’re firing the whole time. Now, yes we fire when we have to but essentially we’re more of a deterrent than anything else. Our job out here is to make sure the guys are safe on the ground and if that means shooting someone who is shooting at them, then we will do it … It’s not the reason I decided to do this job. The reason to do this job was to get back out here, and carry on with a job.”

When asked if he had actually killed any Taliban insurgents, the Prince responded:

“Yea, so lots of people have. The squadron’s been out here. Everyone’s fired a certain amount.”

The Mirror reports that the military was worried about a targeted counter attack after reports emerged that Harry had killed his first member of the Taliban.

Here’s a video about Prince Harry and his Apache helicopter from CNN.