'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley Claims A Female Fan Sexually Harassed Him

Justin Hartley has been a heartthrob for women for years. From his beginnings on Passions to the NBC mega-hit, This Is Us, he has been crushed on by females of all ages. Hartley has reached superstar status, and getting noticed is happening more and more.

Recently, Justin Hartley experienced an incredibly awkward encounter. During a meal in Chicago, the This Is Us star was caught off guard by a female fan who ran up to him and began kissing him. According to Entertainment Tonight, Justin Hartley pulled away from the woman and took several steps back. He then schooled her on proper etiquette and told her to never do anything like that to anyone again. Hartley doesn't remember what she looks like or how old she was. It is speculated that she may have been drinking, but that was not confirmed.

After things settled down, Justin Hartley was able to continue his meal. Before things were finished, the woman approached the This Is Us star, and asked for a photo. Of course, he declined the request. Hartley has been very fan-friendly so the decline was definitely because he felt violated by her actions. He shared that the woman then left yelling about how much of a jerk he was, only she used a completely different word.

By speaking out about the sexual harassment he experienced, Justin Hartley is shedding light on what happens when you are famous. This likely wasn't his first encounter with a crazed fan, and it won't be the last. Hartley recently married Chrishell Stause, and he takes their relationship very seriously. Not only did the woman violate his personal space, but she disrespected his wife in the process.

In just a few weeks, This Is Us will start filming for Season 3. Justin Hartley will be stepping back into the role of Kevin Pearson, one that has brought him plenty of attention. Moving forward, he will have to keep himself protected while in public places. Hartley doesn't remember details about the woman who violated him, but the incident is something he is still talking about. Fame often comes with a price, and crazed fans seem to at the top of the list.