Ivanka Trump Seemingly Misspeaks During Jerusalem Embassy Presentation, References 'United States On America'

Ivanka Trump was in Jerusalem on Monday as the United States officially opened their new embassy there, but many caught a rather significant mistake as she was speaking. There has been plenty of chatter swirling about the controversial embassy move itself, as well as regarding the violence that is already playing out in opposition to the location change. However, Ivanka's slight flub while speaking during the ceremony did not go unnoticed and the mistake provided some relatively light-hearted chaos across social media during a rather serious day.

As Yahoo details, Ivanka Trump was speaking at the opening ceremony for the U.S. embassy and said she was there on behalf of the president of the "United States on America." While saying "on" instead of the word "of" slid by as most listened, the mistake quickly caught many people's attention and it went viral on Twitter. It doesn't appear that the first daughter herself realized she made the mistake, but those on social media certainly did.

CNN shared the clip of Trump at the ceremony and plenty of people on Twitter were questioning why Ivanka was there at all. The fact that she misspoke and said "on" instead of the word "of" quickly drew attention and the incident generated plenty of zingers and exasperated posts on Twitter.

One poster joked that the commemorative coin companies would need to revise the printing plates for this one and another said this was a family of grifters stealing our country after picking up on Ivanka's mistake. Comedian Chelsea Handler minced no words in sharing her thoughts on Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner being in Jerusalem at all, and some tweets pointed out that at this ceremony, Trump really only had one job to do and she didn't manage even that much flawlessly.

So far, Ivanka hasn't made any reference to the speaking mistake on her social media pages. Trump has tweeted and retweeted several posts related to her visit to Jerusalem, but even a Fox News retweet of the opening that she posted has some people posting criticism toward the first daughter and pointing out the flub she made.

This flub of Ivanka Trump's referencing the "United States on America" instead of the "United States of America" is just the latest in a long line of mistakes made by those in the first family when communicating with Americans. It may have been one small word, but it's clear that it caused a lot of eye rolling across social media.