NBA News: Toronto Raptors Are Looking For A New Coach And Master P Wants A Shot

Rapper and entertainment mogul Master P wants a shot to coach the Toronto Raptors. As ludicrous as it sounds, Master P brings up a few solid reasons why he should be considered for the Raptors' coaching vacancy.

TMZ is reporting that Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, is making his pitch to coach the Raptors. It is not the first time that the rapper has lobbied for an interview to coach an NBA team.

In 2016, Master P brought up his credentials which would qualify him to be a coach somewhere in the NBA, courtesy of TMZ. And they are much better than what many people would expect.

Master P had a couple of stints in the NBA, one with the Charlotte Hornets, the other with the Toronto Raptors. Master P's time playing professional basketball on the highest level did not last long, however, his brief NBA experience is more than over half of the league's coaches.

Master P claims that his musical style of gangster rap cost him his shot with the Hornets. Master P's account has never been disproven. During that time period, Master P received a tryout from the Hornets just after the end of the infamous NBA lockout of the 1998-99 season.

It often goes forgotten that a 31-year-old Percy Miller was trying to make his dream of playing in the NBA come true. It did not come to fruition, but it set the groundwork for things to come. He would later get a chance to play for the team he wants to coach, the Toronto Raptors.

After failing to stick with the Toronto Raptors, Master P started coaching AAU basketball. Master P has been credited for the development of several young players. Among the players Master P has had a hand in molding are NBA stalwarts Brandon Jennings and Lance Stephenson.

There is another NBA player who Master P has helped develop.

Toronto Raptors' star DeMarr DeRozan is the most successful player to come from Master P's tutelage. Master P and DeMarr DeRozan maintain a strong relationship. It may be enough for the Raptors to consider informally talking to the rapper.

Master P wants to be the head coach of the Toronto Raptors. While many people may scoff at the notion of Miller's desire to coach, he has a fairly strong case when the discussion is strictly basketball based.