Tia Mowry-Hardrict Celebrates A Special Mother's Day After Years Of Struggling With Infertility

Tia Mowry and her husband Corey Hardrict have a very special reason to celebrate Mother's Day this year. Tia and Corey welcomed their second child into the world a couple of weeks ago after years of struggling with infertility. Tia and her husband, Corey, have been together for 10 years and already share a 6-year-old son named Cree Taylor together.

"Feeling grateful and blessed as we welcome our little baby girl into the world!... We are in heaven."
In January, the actress revealed the gender of her baby via her YouTube Channel Tia Mowry's Quick Fix. The Sister, Sister actress shared the exciting news by biting into a cake pop which contained a pink center.
"We're having a girl!... Cree is going to have a baby sister. We are so excited."
Back in March, the couple hadn't 100 percent decided on a name for their daughter, but said that her name would definitely be "unique." The couple did say that they liked the idea of unisex names and names that carry strength and power behind them.
"We like unisex names... Names that show some strength and some power behind it. It has a great meaning. So that's what we're looking for."
The 39-year-old The Game actress opened up about the hardships that she and her husband faced when trying for another baby. Before conceiving her daughter, Mowry discussed her battles with infertility and endometriosis, according to People.
"I didn't think I'd be able to have a second child, and it's been over seven years since my first pregnancy... I put it off, but I did want to have another child."
The actress added that she didn't think she could have gotten through her infertility struggles without the support of her husband. The new mom of two said that it's super important to have someone encourage and support you. It enables you to feel stronger and more powerful.While at the hospital awaiting the birth of his little girl, Hardrict shared a picture of himself while at the hospital wearing a hair net and face mask. Corey was overwhelmed with emotion.
"Grown man Tears... Baby girl is near Prayers Up."
Tia previously shared her excitement in welcoming her daughter and tweeted that her hospital bag was packed and that she was in "the home stretch."

Although the couple has been married for nearly a decade, they have actually been together for a total of 17 years. Tia said that no one should expect a marriage to be perfect because there will be rough days. Tia said the key to a successful marriage is forgiveness and appreciation.

"There are going to be days where I say something that I don't necessarily mean, if I'm annoyed or whatever -- forgive him, you forgive yourself. So, I think that's the key, but also I think [it's] appreciation and showing how much you appreciate your significant other."
Tia's twin sister, Tamera, and her husband, Adam Housely, have new business endeavors on the horizon. The couple announced their new HGTV series, The Houselys, which is set to premiere on May 8. Tamera will use her design skills and her hubby will use his construction skills to help families update their homes.