Tori Spelling Takes Daughter On 'Grease'-Inspired Date On Mother's Day

Tori Spelling celebrated Mother's Day in a unique way with her oldest daughter, Stella. The two had fun and went out on a Grease-inspired date.

Tori and her husband, Dean, share five children together, including daughters Stella, 9, and Hattie, 6, and sons Liam, 10, Finn, 5, and baby Beau, who just celebrated his first birthday. Tori is also the stepmother to Dean's son, Jack, 19, from his previous marriage.

"As a mom of 5 I don't know life without my kiddos. But sometimes it's important to take time and remember the whole reason those 5 little blessings are in out lives... and that is a mad love that started with my soulmate."
Tori spoke with E! News and talked about life as a family of seven.
"It's been a blessing having baby Beau... I think not just for our family but for us. Our love has grown stronger."
When asked if they would consider expanding their family, Dean said, "Never say never."

Baby Beau may have made the couple's love stronger, but news surfaced back in March revealed that the police showed up at Spelling's home. The shocking reports stated that the authorities visited the couple's residence twice in a one-week period.

After the dispute, Tori and Dean jetted off to Hawaii for a vacation. The couple seemed to put familial issues behind them in an effort to reconnect on the beautiful island.

Spelling stood close to Dean and revealed that this was their first vacation alone since they were married in Fiji 12 years ago.

Spelling was in Hawaii for a business conference, but still found some time to relax, according to the Daily Mail. Tori posted several Instagram stories, in which she shared beautiful views outside her hotel room while relaxing by the pool.
"When was the last time you traveled to a sunny vacation locale without you kiddos? We've never! Last time, was almost 12 years ago when we got married in Fiji."
On March 1, the Los Angeles Police Department revealed to Us Weekly that officers were called regarding a heated verbal dispute amongst two people at Spelling's residence. Local authorities did not confirm if the dispute was between Tori and Dean McDermott.On March 7, McDermott called police officers to the family home to "check the well-being of Tori Spelling," according to Us Weekly.

Following the well-being check, a couple of days later, while the family was having dinner in Los Angeles, a police escort accompanied the family.

Spelling and McDermott have definitely come a long way since deciding to document their rocky marriage for their reality series, True Tori. The series followed Tori and Dean as they tried to sort out their relationship, after dealing with Dean's infidelity and time in rehab.

Dean McDermott made headlines in 2013 when Us Weekly revealed that he had a two-day affair in Canada with a woman named Emily Goodhand.