New Vegas Ads Allegedly Target Gays And Poke Fun At Straight People

New Las Vegas ads supposedly target gay people while poking fun at straight people. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s marketing division launched a new campaign. The promotion reportedly shows good-looking same-sex couples and “frumpy” heterosexual pairs.

The Vegas ad campaign was created by R&R Partnersand, The Blaze notes. The caption at the top of each ad reads, “Everyone’s welcome. Even straight people.” The heterosexual couples are depicted as the minority in the Sin City ads. One ad showcases some folks arriving in trendy cars while one couple rolls up in an old station wagon.

In another Las Vegas ad, a man and a woman are shown poolside wearing very dated clothing. The other models are all sexy and scantily clad same-sex couples. The tourism campaign is reportedly aimed at attracting more gay visitors to Vegas. A link on the ads take same-sex couples to a LGBT travel page.

An excerpt from the Las Vegas LGBT page reads:

“Vegas has always been one of the world’s top destinations for LGBT travelers and now it’s more fabulous than ever. Imagine an entire city rolling out the purple carpet for a 24.7 celebration of the LGBT community.”

Another ad in the Las Vegas campaign shows non-trendy straight couples at a nightclub with hipster same-sex couples. The final ad in the series boasts an exterior shot of the famous Las Vegas fountain. Gay couples are in stylish attire while straight couples in casual clothes snap photos of themselves.

Do you think the new Las Vegas ads will attract gay couples without alienating straight couples?