Chanel Iman Reveals Baby Bump And Pregnancy In Topless Photos With Husband, Sterling Shepard

Chris Pizzello / InvisionAP Images

Victoria Secret model Chanel Iman is celebrating Mother’s Day in a whole new way this year! Through photos on Instagram and in an exclusive interview with People, the mom-to-be revealed that she’s expecting her first child with her husband, Sterling Shepard.

This will be the first child of Iman and her 24-year-old husband, who is also a wide receiver for the New York Giants. The two are thrilled to share their love and grow their family.

In addition to the exclusive announcement with People, the 27-year-old model decided to show her fans a few photos from her topless baby bump photo shoot with her husband. The 27-year-old model decided to take the announcement one step further by flashing her baby bump to her followers on Instagram. In total, the model shared three different photos from the photo shoot, including one with her and her husband and two with just her and that baby bump.

In the first photo Chanel shared on Instagram, she is wearing what appears to be a sweater that hangs off the shoulders. The mom-to-be has the sweater pulled up in the middle so her followers can see her precious baby bump. The model decided to use her hand and arm to cover her exposed chest. The model is also wearing unbuttoned and low-hanging jeans to put the focus on her baby bump.

In the second picture, Chanel is laying on her back fully topless with her hand and arm covering her chest. Followers can see her back arched ever so slightly to show off that adorable baby bump. The model is wearing blue jean pants hanging low on her waist to draw more focus to the baby bump.

In the third – and most recent photo – Chanel has her hands and arms strategically placed to cover anything intimate from being exposed. The model is wearing what appears to be a dress shirt that is somewhat closed at the chest. Both the first and third pictures are in black and white, so it is impossible to confirm the color of the clothing the model is wearing.

The Victoria Secret model told People she – and her husband – cannot wait to meet their new little angel.

“As our love grows each day, Sterling and I can’t wait to share it with our little one.”

As to be expected, all three of the topless baby bump photos on Instagram were showered with comments praising the mother-to-be for looking so spectacular. A large chunk of the comments also congratulated the mother-to-be and wished her a very special Mother’s Day.