Bounce House Lifted Into The Air By Strong Wind, Tossed Onto Highway With Terrified Boy Still Inside


A California boy stepped into a bounce house and ended up on a roller coaster ride.

The boy was still inside the inflatable house when a strong wind gust picked it up into the air, tossing it onto a nearby highway, where it struck a car. As CBS News reported, the 9-year-old boy had been playing in the inflatable house in a neighborhood in San Bernardino when an unusually strong wind gust struck, lifting it off the ground and sending it tumbling toward the nearby freeway.

As the bounce house rolled onto the highway, it struck a vehicle and the boy was tossed from the inflatable house. The boy was rescued before suffering any further harm, however. Police said the driver of the car that struck the bounce house was also shaken up, but not injured.

First responders were quick to the scene of the runaway bounce house, with the fire department and even a helicopter arriving on site after the boy was thrown from the amusement product.

Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles the wind was so strong that it felt like a tornado gust. The boy had been at a party with several adults in attendance, and witnesses watched on in horror as the bounce house was taken away by the strong wind.

This is not the first time that a bounce house went airborne with terrified children inside. In 2014, a similar incident took place in Upstate New York, when a wind gust picked up a bounce house and flew it more than 15 feet into the air. As the Post Star reported, there were 5-year-old and 6-year-old boys in the bounce house and they were thrown from it; one suffered what was described as a traumatic brain injury.

Another such incident happened in China in 2015, with video capturing the moment the wind picked up the bounce house and blew it away. In that incident, several children were injured and one was killed.

The boy who was launched onto the highway from the runaway bounce house this week was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. He came out of the situation without any serious injuries.