‘Love & Hip Hop’ Stars Ray-J And Princess Love Will Welcome Their First Child In Two Weeks

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Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood star Princess Love is just a couple weeks away from giving birth to her first child. This will be Princess Love and Ray-J’s first child together. The reality television stars are excited to welcome a little girl into the world.

LHHH fans will get to watch Ray-J and Princess Love prepare for their baby in a two-hour VH1 special, according to TMZ.

The 37-year-old singer and the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star will get some crucial parenting tips from another famous reality television couple, Spencer and Heidi Pratt, according to the Daily Mail. The couples have already begun filming and the series is set to air later this summer.

Spencer, Ray-J, and his manager sat down to discuss the ups and downs of fatherhood in one clip.

“We’ve just got six months and let me tell you. It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

The convo then changed to what alcohol is best for fathers to drink. Ray-J suggested a small shot, to which Spencer promptly agreed.

“Maybe like a little shot? A little Tequila shot.”

Spencer and Heidi Pratt met while filming the hit the MTV reality series The Hills and became first-time parents when they welcomed their son, Gunner Stone, in October 2017.

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Spencer Pratt recently opened up about life as a dad.

“My son Gunner definitely takes after Heidi because he comes off genuinely sweet. He just seems like the sweetest little baby… He’s always smiling. I feel like I would be a grumpy baby.”

Spencer and Heidi’s son, Gunner Stone, may be a well-tempered baby, but the former reality star did have some interesting moments that he shared with Ray-J.

“I would say the first time my son peed all over me and it was just really hot. I was adjusting to being urinated on, so that was like, ‘Oh, there’s hot pee all over me,’ and I kind of acted like a baby.”

Ray-J may be in for a surprise being a first-time dad. The singer revealed last month that he has no plans to hire any nannies to help with his daughter.

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“No nanny, wife is the nanny. She don’t want no nanny. She’s a business woman… I wouldn’t let nobody else change my kid’s diaper. I’m having a girl, so I don’t want nobody to even get close to my daughter.”

Ray-J may not want strangers around his newborn, but he was missing his big sister at the couple’s baby shower. R&B singer Brandy Norwood sat down in an interview and revealed the real reason she skipped younger brother’s Ray J and Princess’s baby shower.

Brandy said that she didn’t attend her sister-in-law Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star’s baby shower because she had to make a show that was already booked, according to VH1.

The singer said that she really wanted to attend the baby shower, but she was busy. Brandy did not have an answer as to why her mother didn’t attend Princess and Ray J’s special event to welcome their first child.

“I really wanted to be at the baby shower. I had a show, so that happened. I know my mom would just not not show up to the baby shower. There was something there that I just…I don’t really ask about. You know, families get into it all the time.”

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Brandy said that when families feud, it can hurt a little more than when you’re feuding with a friend or a regular person. The singer said that this is a new situation to the Norwood family and everybody wants “it to go right.”

“Families go through things. This is a new situation. This is a baby. It’s all new. So everybody wants it to go right…that baby will change everybody’s lives.”

Brandy added that she’s looking forward to being an aunt.