Colorado 5-Year-Old Severely Injured After Black Bear Attack Outside Her Home, Now In Fair Condition

Trisha Faulkner

Terrifying and saddening news out of Colorado after a 5-year-old girl in a rural part of Grand Junction was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries after being attacked by a bear early this morning.

It was roughly 2:30 a.m. this morning near Grand Junction – which is located about 240 miles (386 kilometers) to the west of Denver, when the bear attack took place.

Kimberly Cyr's mother told Colorado wildlife officers that her daughter went outside to investigate what was believed to be their dog making noises. The 5-year-old's mother raced outside after hearing her daughter scream. When the Colorado mother got outside she discovered a large black bear attempting to drag her daughter away. The mother told wildlife officials the bear released her daughter and ran away after the woman started screaming at it.

The 5-year-old was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital in serious condition after the attack.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced in a press release that they are working with federal wildlife services to track the black bear that attacked this 5-year-old outside of her home. The press release notes that residents should expect heavier than normal law enforcement presence as well as hounds in the area until further notice.

Also in the press release, Colorado Parks and Wildlife asks residents to secure all of their trash and keep any pet food inside until further notice. Residents were also asked to report any bear sightings immediately. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife ended the press release noting that updates would be made as they were available.

According to neighbors who spoke to a reporter from ABC News, the family does have cows, goats, and pigs in their yard. Furthermore, there have been reports of bear sightings made in this neighborhood – which is located close to the Colorado River – before.

At this time, authorities are still trying to track down the black bear that attacked the child. Residents in the area are encouraged to stay alert and report any sightings of a bear in the area.