Seann William Scott Replaces Clayne Crawford As ‘Lethal Weapon’ Gets New Life

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Clayne Crawford is out and Seann William Scott is in as the hit television series Lethal Weapon gets to live for another season.

Indie Wire is reporting that Fox Entertainment has made the decision to fire Clayne Crawford, who played Martin Riggs on the Lethal Weapon television series. Seann William Scott, star of the famed American Pie movie series, will usurp the role vacated by Clayne Crawford.

It is May, which is usually the time when television networks begin to decide the fate of several television shows. One of the shows on shaky legs was Lethal Weapon.

Unlike the majority of the television shows facing cancellation, Lethal Weapon has strong ratings and a ton of viewership. It was growing chaos amidst the Lethal Weapon cast which put the show in jeopardy.

Clayne Crawford clashed with several people on the set of Lethal Weapon, according to Deadline Hollywood. The report cites that he created a toxic environment and has been reprimanded on several occasions for it.

Clayne Crawford has come out to tell his side of the story via Instagram, however, the damage has already been done.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the decision to renew Lethal Weapon without Clayne Crawford was made by Warner Bros. Fox Entertainment was given a simple directive — replace Crawford or Lethal Weapon will not be renewed. Now the television network will pin the hopes of the show moving forward with Seann William Scott.

Stars of Lethal Weapon on a tour.
Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayons had good on-screen chemistry despite reports suggesting that they clashed.Featured image credit: Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Fox is hoping that by firing Clayne Crawford and replacing him with Seann William Scott, it will save the television version of the Lethal Weapon franchise. Scott playing opposite star Damon Wayans could prove to be a winning formula if they can develop good on-screen chemistry.

What made the Lethal Weapon television show a huge success was the on-screen chemistry between Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans. There are rumblings that the police partners in front the of the camera were not as friendly to each other away from it.

On Lethal Weapon, Crawford matched Wayans’ timely wit with his own quirks. It brought the Lethal Weapon duo of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh to life. A recreation of that magic will play a major role in Lethal Weapon’s success in its third season.

Seann William Scott has never held a television role prior to usurping the role of Martin Riggs. Normally a comedic actor, Scott will have to prove that he can handle himself during Lethal Weapon’s action sequences.

Recasting Seann William Scott is not the only change that the studio has in mind for the Lethal Weapon television series. Because of the stunning turn of events, removing the character of Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon is a possibility.

Seann William Scott at a red carpet event.
There are conflicting reports regarding if Seann William Scott will play Martin Riggs or a new character on Lethal Weapon.Featured image credit: John SalangsangInvision / AP Images

There are some conflicting reports about the status of Martin Riggs. Completely erasing Lethal Weapon’s main character could alter the narrative of the show and franchise.

Despite its high ratings and viewership, such a big change may not be something that Lethal Weapon can endure.