Timothy Trejo-Vigil Accused Of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend With Metal Pipe, Causing Her To Miscarry


Timothy Trejo-Vigil is headed to jail after police say the 25-year-old man beat his pregnant girlfriend with a metal pipe in an attack so violent that it caused the victim to miscarry.

The Las Cruces, New Mexico, man was arrested this week on charges that he beat his 15-week pregnant girlfriend, the Las Cruces Sun reported. Police were called to their home for a report of an injured 22-year-old woman, who initially told officers that she was attacked by intruders who came in through a window and tried to steal items from the home.

After the victim was taken to a hospital, investigators learned that the story was a lie and that it was Trejo-Vigil who allegedly attacked his girlfriend. The 25-year-old had a history of domestic violence incidents against the victim, the Sun reported.

Police say the couple got into a dispute and Trejo-Vigil struck the victim several times, using a wooden stick and a heavy metal pipe to beat her. The victim also had bite marks on her body and stab wounds to her knees and arms, along with a broken jaw and broken nose, the report noted. Inside the family’s home, police also found a cat that had been locked in a cat carrier with no access to food or water. The cat was covered in urine, police said.

As KVIA reported, police believe that the suspect’s mother was home at the time of the beating, but she told police she knew nothing about the alleged beating.

While the victim was in the hospital, doctors discovered that she was 15 weeks pregnant and tried to save the baby, but she ultimately miscarried, KFOX-TV reported. The identity of the victim was not disclosed. Reports indicated that the couple had been together for five years.

Timothy Trejo-Vigil has been arrested and booked on felony charges second-degree attempted murder, aggravated battery against a family member using a deadly weapon, aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, and causing injury to a pregnant woman. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty for the cat that police found locked in a carrier inside the home.