Mackenzie Ziegler Slams Abby Lee Miller In New Tell-All: ‘I Had No Childhood’!

Abby Lee Miller may be battling cancer, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the accusations of the gossip blogs and her former students.

In her prime, the ex-Dance Moms head honcho was the subject of many salacious rumors, mostly because she was known for treating her students like trash.

And even though a lot of the rumors about her terrible actions have eased up in the wake of her cancer diagnosis, that doesn’t mean that all of her students are showing her the same deference.

According to Radar Online, Mackenzie Ziegler, one of Abby Lee Miller‘s former students, has revealed all of her ex-mentor’s secrets in a new tell-all that pulls no punches.

The book, called Kenzie’s Rules for Life: How to be Happy, Healthy and Dance to Your Own Beat, details how Ziegler didn’t like dancing when she came on board to Dance Moms in 2011.

And it seems like her opinion of dancing hasn’t changed much, especially since being on the show and being forced to take dance lessons, left her practically no time to be a kid.

“I always felt like I had to live up to people’s expectations of me. I thought everyone was constantly judging me, watching each move and tearing it apart, nitpicking everything I did and laughing at me behind my back. The competitive dance world and reality TV can get a little crazy.”

Mackenzie went on to say that, thanks to Abby Lee Miller, she received a lot of comparisons to her sister, Maddie Ziegler, and the comments weren’t always positive.

Mackenzie said that many people would leave cruel messages on her social media pages, saying that she wasn’t as pretty or as talented as Maddie, and that eventually got to her.

While Mackenzie said that she didn’t have a childhood — and that made her “sad and angry” — she said that, in the end, even though Abby Lee Miller favored the Ziegler daughters, she was “over it” all and is glad to be out of the business.

What’s more, Mackenzie could only credit Dance Moms — and Abby Lee Miller — with the opportunity to branch out and pursue other opportunities.

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