Melissa McCarthy Surprises Michael Che As The World’s Proudest Stepmom On ‘SNL’

Will HeathNBC

Melissa McCarthy stopped by Saturday Night Live last night to surprise “Weekend Update’s” Michael Che and the World’s Proudest Stepmom.

McCarthy, who also plays a mom in her new comedy flick Life of the Party, popped in while Che was doing his thing behind the desk to wish her stepson Che good luck on the show and, of course, to make sure he was taking care of himself.

Donning a bright pink sweatshirt with a photo of baby Che and a classic mom bowl cut, McCarthy interrupted the Update host to make sure he didn’t need any Claritin after noticing his throat sounded a little “froggy.” From there, McCarthy had the audience roaring with her spot-on imitation of an overly-attentive stepmom.

McCarthy sat down with Che and co-anchor Colin Jost to help the guys rattle off some jokes but the really funny bit was watching the actress fawn all over Che, grabbing his “strong” shoulders, peppering his face with kisses, and claiming how much funnier he is than Jost in front of the live studio audience. Of course, because McCarthy is the kind of actress that bring integrity to any role she takes on, playing Che’s stepmom also meant revealing some embarrassing childhood stories during the sketch.

Of course, there was the zinger about Che pleasuring himself in his room as a teenager — you can’t have a mom sketch without a masturbation joke thrown in — and McCarthy also relayed a funny memory of Che penning a touching poem about the tragically short lifespan of a horseshoe crab in the third grade and, you guessed it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. McCarthy also dished about Che’s “juicy little buns” as a kid before complementing Jost on how he fills out a pair of biking shorts.

So, really, just your typical, embarrassing mom talk.

The sketch ended with Che having McCarthy read something he wrote for her off the prompter which of course caused McCarthy to burst out into tears, effectively ending the side-splitting sketch.

After McCarthy’s brilliant turn as embattled former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and now her embodiment of the World’s Proudest Stepmom, can someone at SNL just give the actress a full-time slot on the show?