Elle Macpherson’s Youthful Bikini-Body Secrets Are Alkaline Diet And Yoga Workouts

Elle Macpherson maintains her supermodel bikini body with the alkaline diet and daily exercise.

Elle Macpherson maintains her supermodel bikini body with the alkaline diet and daily exercise.

Elle Macpherson showed off her supermodel bikini body on Instagram to celebrate Mother’s Day. In the photo, a bikini-clad Macpherson enjoys the company of her two sons during a sun-splashed beach vacation.

While the throwback photo was from years ago, Elle still has the same age-defying bikini today at age 54, thanks to daily exercise that includes yoga workouts and an alkaline diet.

The alkaline diet emphasizes green vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, spices, seeds, and nuts. Some health experts say eating a diet high in alkaline-producing foods minimizes acid buildup in our bodies (which fuels inflammation, aging, and weight gain).

“I noticed by the time I was around 50, my lifestyle needed to be fine-tuned to achieve maximum wellness,” Macpherson blogged on Get the Gloss. “I could no longer rely purely on genetics for my well-being. These days, I need to make a conscious effort to stay in optimum health.”

“I need seven hours sleep, an alkaline diet to ensure a well-tuned body and good energy levels, an hour of exercise, to meditate, and quiet reflection time. Less stress means less inflammation and less bloating in my case.”

The leggy 6-foot-tall Australian beauty makes an effort to work out every day because it makes her look and feel her best.

Elle Macpherson’s bikini body today looks just as toned as it did years ago, thanks to diet and exercise.

“Being active is important from a wellness point of view,” Macpherson said. “Daily exercise has to be something I enjoy. It might be walking on the beach, paddle boarding, hiking, waterskiing, boxing or vinyasa yoga.”

The longtime fitness fanatic switched to the alkaline diet several years ago and said it reduced belly bloating and smoothed out her complexion.

Macpherson also avoids processed foods and sugar. “Sugar tends to put weight around the middle, so the best exercise is to skip the sugar,” she wrote.

Like fellow age-defying supermodel Christie Brinkley, Elle loves doing yoga and riding her bike.

“Like everybody, my body fluctuates regularly – and I dress accordingly!” Elle said. “I think both woman and men can get obsessed by an ideal body image. For me, as long as I am nourishing and moving my body every day, I feel good mentally and physically.”

Macpherson posted a cheeky shot on Instagram, to the delight of her fans.