‘The Night Watchmen’ Is One Of The Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime That You Probably Missed

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If you’re looking for the best horror movies on Amazon Prime for an outrageously good time, then look no further than The Night Watchmen. Amazon Prime is currently hosting dozens of horror movies, and it’s easy for a few to fly under the radar. The Night Watchmen has received high marks from both critics and audiences alike (including a near-perfect score on Amazon Prime), and it is deserving of a large audience. Directed by Mitchell Altieri, the 2016 film stars Ken Arnold, Dan DeLuca, Kevin Jiggetts, James Remar, and a charming performance by Kara Luiz.

A package gets misdelivered to a Baltimore warehouse, and it triggers the release of a throng of famished vampires. Worse yet, some of the vamps are evil clowns. A group of incompetent security guards and a tabloid journalist must team together if they’re going to survive the night. But if they want to rid the City of Baltimore of the demonic creatures, they’re not only going to have to survive the vampires, they’re going to have to kill them.

In an interview with Atlanta Retro, Altieri revealed the classic horror movies that inspired him. He spoke of ’80s horror films that were often rented at the local VHS store, and specifically mentioned The Night of the Comet, Fright Night, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space (so, we know he has good taste). The director said he “wanted to do that with this film,” and make it fun, scary, and like the silly movies often found in the “Decade of Excess.” And that’s exactly what he did.

While there is plenty of comedy to go around in this feature, there’s enough suspense, over-the-top gore, and jump-scare moments to please any horror fan. The cast all deliver solid performances, and James Remar plays a character, Randall (the watchmen’s boss), that’s not the usual for the talented actor; Randall’s a chauvinistic jerk, inept at his job, and he desperately wants to be one of the boys (but they are having none of that). The trio of guards have hilarious back-and-forth dialogue, and you’ll be cheering them on in no time.

Kara Luiz portrays the fearless character of Karen, and she teams with the guards to battle the vamps. Her reactions to her teammates, as well as the vampire clowns, are often side-splitting. Luiz brings a flair to the screen, and her nuances and spot-on delivery adds to the fun of it all. With an 80-minute runtime, it doesn’t take long for this roller coaster of horror to take off.

Poster of The Night Watchmen, one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.
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With a throwback to genre flicks of yesteryear, a fresh essence, genuine suspense, and jump-scare fun from beginning to end, The Night Watchmen is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.