Queen Elizabeth Was Not Shading Meghan Markle With Her Instrument Of Consent

Victoria JonesGetty Images

Today Queen Elizabeth issued her official Instrument of Consent, giving her official permission for her grandson Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle. Even though Prince Harry is fairly far down on the list of succession (at this time he is sixth in line to the throne), as a potential heir, he still needs the permission of the sovereign to marry. But the public is concerned about the difference in the language between the document created for Harry and Meghan and the one created for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Town & Country says that the language in Kate and William’s document lauds Middleton.

“Our Trusty and Well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.”

But Meghan Markle is simply mentioned as Rachel Meghan Markle, which is her given name. People on Twitter were concerned that this was Queen Elizabeth’s was of subtly shading Markle or at least showing a preference for Kate. But others pointed out that the Instrument of Consent seemed to celebrate Meghan’s American heritage, including a rose representing the United States, and Golden Poppies as a symbol of California. From all reports, Queen Elizabeth has embraced Markle and is thrilled that her grandson has finally found someone he wants to marry.

So why is the language different in the two documents when it comes to the way the brides are described? Royal reporter Emily Nash says there is no shade at all from Queen Elizabeth to Meghan and the difference is that Kate Middleton is already a British citizen, and Meghan’s citizenship is in progress.

“For anyone wondering why Meghan is not described as ‘most trusty and well-beloved’ like Kate was, it’s because that term is only used for citizens of Britain or the Queen’s overseas Realms. Meghan is not yet a British citizen.”

So, no shade, just literally a technicality.

Queen Elizabeth might not have been able to gush about Markle on the consent document, but she has certainly shown her some love in the form of a wedding gift. Harper’s Bazaar says that sources are saying that the Queen is planning to give a cottage on the grounds of her Sandringham Estate in Norfolk to Harry and Meghan as her official gift.

Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe says that Queen Elizabeth traditionally gives property as a wedding gift to her children and grandchildren. He believes that the happy couple will be the proud new owners of York Cottage.

“So there’s every chance that Harry and Meghan might find themselves the proud owners of a nice property outside of London.”