Helen Mirren Hits The Deck In Cannes

Amy Feinstein

Dame Helen Mirren took a spill at the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France after doing interviews at Martinez Beach. Mirren, who most notably has played Queen Elizabeth in the movie The Queen, fell forward catching herself on her hands, injuring her wrist. Wearing an elegant royal purple jacket and flats, Mirren lost her footing and fell, requiring help to get back on her feet.

The Mirror said a Cannes on-looker saw the whole thing and was concerned about Mirren's well-being.

"Helen fell flat on her face, and then everyone tried to help her up. She seemed a bit shaken."

While at the Cannes Film Festival, Dame Helen Mirren is also promoting L'Oreal Age Perfect products which encourage women of all ages to go without makeup.

Mirren has told women that she takes her skin care seriously, but the best thing she has done for herself is to get her thinning eyebrows tattooed for that they don't require any pencil or powder.

Mirren's character Sarah Winchester started construction on the San Jose property after the death of her father and her husband. It is known for rooms which are often the size of closets, and staircases which go nowhere. Pamela Haag toured the house for Smithsonian Magazine and described it as a puzzle.

"Cabinets and doors open onto walls, rooms are boxes within boxes, small rooms are built within big rooms, balconies and windows are inside rather than out, chimneys stop floors short of the ceiling, floors have skylights. A linen closet as big as an apartment sits next to a cupboard less than an inch deep."