May 12, 2018
Brother Of 'Real Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump Found Dead Of A Suspected Drug Overdose

The brother of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star-turned-entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump has been found dead of a suspected overdose.

The Daily Mail was the first to break the story, where they revealed that Mark Vanderpump, Lisa Vanderpump's older brother, was found dead in his home in Gloucester, England.

The 59-year-old worked as a DJ at the time of his death.

However, what's most interesting about this report of Vanderpump's death is that he was initially found dead on April 30 -- more than two weeks ago -- but his death wasn't made public until today.

Authorities still aren't sure if the drug overdose was accidental or intentional.

A source close to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star-turned-restaurateur said that Lisa was "devastated" by news of her brother's death, and will be traveling to England for his funeral.

What's more, the source revealed that Lisa hasn't been on social media since she received word of her brother's death, and is more focused on the welfare of her nephews rather than keeping her fans updated on social media.

Through a representative, Lisa told the Mail that she wanted her privacy through this difficult time and that she was happy she got the chance to connect with her brother the day before his death.
"He was my only sibling and I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I am trying to be supportive to his two young sons that he has left behind, and help them get through this tragedy."
Lisa Vanderpump frequently said that she was very close to her brother -- they would not only party together, but he was also a frequent guest at her restaurants, Sur, Villa Blanca, and PUMP.

Mark Vanderpump was a reality star of sorts as well -- he starred on one season of the hit British show Gold Digger and Proud.

Mark, too, recently got divorced from his longtime wife of 22 years, and that was something that caused some fans of the show to wonder if, perhaps, that had contributed to his drug addiction and untimely demise.

Friends of Mark's said that he lived a "very colorful life" until it all went wrong recently.

Our condolences are extended to Lisa Vanderpump and her family through this difficult time.