'The Sims 4' Heavily Discounted This Weekend, 'Get To Work' Also Half Off

Over the weekend, many Thanksgiving revelers also celebrate Black Friday when nearly anything a person could want goes on sale. Video games are not left behind in this case, and players looking for a little simulated life are in luck. The Sims 4 and its first expansion are both profoundly discounted during Origin's Black Friday sale.

The base game of The Sims 4 is just $25 during the Black Friday sale while the game's first expansion is just $20 as seen in The Sims 4 section of Origin. No other stuff packs or game packs are currently on sale; however, "Get to Work" includes much more content and gameplay changes than a stuff or game pack for the same price as the latter right now.

The Sims 4
A Sim playing doctor in "Get to Work" [Image via The Sims 4]The expansion adds new active jobs to the game where players can control their Sims while they go to work as a detective, a doctor, or a scientist. The expansion also allows players to start their businesses where they can sell a variety of items to other Sims. Players can even sell their own creations like books, paintings, woodworking designs, and more. Players can hire employees, make sure their uniforms are perfect, and pay them accordingly.

Aliens, sickness, and two new skills are also a part of "Get to Work." Sim scientists may find other life while all Sims can come down with a bit of bug due to sicknesses that local doctors can easily clear up. Sims can also master the baking and photography skills with that expansion added to the base game. With "Get to Work," players can create photographer Sims that sell their prints to the neighborhood as their main source of income. You can check out all of the objects and items added to the game with the "Get to Work" expansion by checking out TheSims.com.

The Sims 4
The Sims 4 photography skill in "Get to Work" [Image via The Sims 4]The Origin Black Friday sale, including the discount on The Sims 4 and "Get to Work," will end on November 30. Be sure to purchase them before then in order to receive the 58 percent off deal on The Sims 4, as stated on the game's official Twitter account, or the 50 percent off discount off of "Get to Work." Many other Electronic Arts titles are also included in Origin's Black Friday sale. Visit the Sale of the Year page for all the deals.

The Sims 4 players are no strangers to DLC, and they can expect even more objects, content, and gameplay with the next expansion "Get Together." The socially focused expansion releases on December 8 with a new world to explore, new skills, the new Club feature, and a plethora of new create-a-Sim items, building pieces, and objects. Be sure to brush up on all things Windenburg with a brief look at the existing locations in the new world. As the Inquisitr reported, Windenburg and "Get Together" will let players visit new venues like nightclubs and bars as well as the community pool, a haunted mansion with a hedge maze, and a lot filled with ancient ruins.

Like "Get to Work" changed the way Sims worked, "Get Together" will change the way they hang out with each other. The new Club feature will let Sims deviate from their own traits and personality in order to please their current peers. Not to mention, group hangouts give them a place to call their own while the flexible rules that Clubs can set give an extra layer of gameplay to social Sims. Additionally, the expansion will let Sims learn how to DJ parties and improve their dancing skills.

Are you going to pick up The Sims 4 or its first expansion "Get to Work" while they are deeply discounted?

[Image via The Sims 4]