'Stoker' Starring Nicole Kidman Gets A Disturbing New Trailer [Video]

Todd Rigney

Judging from the new international trailer for director Park Chan-wook's Stoker, the South Korean director's English-language debut isn't pulling any punches.

Park's Oldboy was one of many Asian films that made a sizable splash around the world when it debuted nearly ten years ago. The latest Stoker preview that is currently making the rounds suggests the controversial filmmaker isn't going to dilute his vision for American audiences.

The film tells the story of a teenager named India grieving over the death of her father. Shortly after his passing, a man known only as Uncle Charlie comes to live with the young lady and her slightly unhinged mother (Nicole Kidman).

As the story progresses, India's infatuation with the stranger seems to grow stronger. The new international trailer for Stoker gives moviegoers an opportunity to see what happens as the family's dysfunction blossoms out of control.

According to Cinema Blend, Park Chan-wook's latest endeavor recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Audiences in the US will be able to experience Stoker for themselves when the feature is released into select markets beginning this March.

Park, who once famously filmed an entire short using nothing but iPhones, is already setting his sights on other projects. During his recent chat with the folks at Fangoria, the acclaimed filmmaker is interested in returning to the iOS-friendly short for a follow-up.

He explained:

"Under the PARKing CHANce banner with my brother, I'd like to delve more into the traditional culture of Korea and traditional Korean elements as a keyhole into the subject matter. As the previous collaboration was called 'Night Fishing,' the new one is 'Day Trip' to establish some sense of continuity, if you'd like."

The latest international trailer for the upcoming horror movie lies below.

Are you a fan of Park Chan-wook and Nicole Kidman? Are you looking forward to seeing Stoker when it hits US theaters later this year?