‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Jokes About Drugging Girlfriend Amidst Sexual Assault Accusations

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Since the beginning of the #metoo movement, there have been uncomfortable moments, but the most recent was on the Bravo show Southern Charm, which films six months or more in advance of its release. At the time the show was shot in September, there were no public accusations against Thomas Ravenel, but that changed on April 18 when the first article by FitsNews was published about the accusation that Ravenel had covered up a rape by paying the victim $200k.

Next, the former nanny for Ravenel’s children, a woman named Dawn, came forward to tell her story of being raped by Ravenel while she was working in his home and appearing on Southern Charm. Dawn had gone to Charleston Police to tell her story, and she had also taken a polygraph test.

According to the report, Dawn has clearly said that she told Ravenel “no” several times, but he allegedly continued violating her. She explained that she didn’t want to scream because the baby was sleeping nearby. She says that the alleged attack was violent.

“I didn’t want to scream and scare Kensie, but I told him no repeatedly.”

Dawn has stated that she would gladly take another polygraph exam as long as Thomas Ravenel would do the same.

But as these accusations surfaced in April, the new season of Southern Charm started to air, and Ravenel’s behavior started to be viewed through the new lens of these sexual assault accusations, and writers and social media noticed. Ravenel’s crude sense of humor that had been previously dismissed by several other cast members as “Thomas being Thomas” now became the lead discussion. Liz Farrell of the Island Packet commented that Ravenel’s “Plan-B joke” in the second episode of the current season of Southern Charm now seemed creepier than usual, verging on criminal.

Ravenel was making his current girlfriend breakfast, and while she commented that she wanted to have babies, and has stated that they are not using birth control, he made jokes about slipping an abortive, Plan-B, into her eggs because he doesn’t want more children right now.

Farrell quipped that it was surreal watching him joke about putting drugs in someone’s food without their consent.

“When Thomas made that disgusting joke about slipping some Plan B into Ashley’s breakfast. Typical Southern male politician feeling free and fancy to make decisions about bodies that aren’t their own. I mean seriously! I’ve had it with them.”

Twitter erupted with posts about how joking about drugging a woman was felonious and misogynistic, especially in light of the sexual assault accusations being investigated by the Charleston Police, Bravo, and the Southern Charm production company, Haymaker. Men and women were taken aback by what is being called the “Plan-B eggs” moment.

“Watching #SouthernCharm and @Thomasravenel discusses slipping Plan B to women against their knowledge and wanting a notebook on how to train women… so yeah, definitely a candidate for being sexual predator.”

And despite the recent sexual assault accusations, other viewers were still shocked that Ravenel laughed at the idea of drugging a woman without her consent.

“Hearing @Thomasravenel talking about adding Plan B to someone breakfast, it makes me gag.”

Bravo has not commented on the accusations against Thomas Ravenel other than to say they are doing their own investigation.