‘Roseanne’ Spoilers: More Storylines With Muslim Neighbors May Be Ahead For Season 2

Adam RoseABC

Roseanne Barr recently revealed that she is already thinking of new ideas for Season 2 of the revival. In the show’s most recent episode, Roseanne found out that she had Muslim neighbors and became suspicious of them when she saw they had “way too much” fertilizer in their yard, alluding to the fact that they could be manufacturing bombs.

During the episode, it was revealed that Roseanne’s neighbors were dealing with a great deal of prejudice while living in Lanford. Not only did Roseanne unfairly judge them, but other people in town were being mean to them as well. Things had gotten so bad that their son took to wearing a bulletproof vest to feel safer in his neighborhood.

Later, after the neighbors had helped Roseanne out by lending her their WiFi password, Rosie met up with her neighbor at the grocery store. When her food stamps couldn’t be used on pre-cooked food, Roseanne lent her money to pay for the rest of her groceries. During the encounter, the cashier said some very racist remarks, and Rosie revealed that she would be mentioning something to the manager, and then warned the cashier to never disrespect her neighbor again, The Independent reports.

Fans were very torn about the episode. Some called the storyline “disturbing,” and “racist” while other praised Roseanne Barr for showing an honest approach to racism in middle America. Barr then spoke out about the episode, saying that she likes to do stories about “real issues and real people,” promising that Season 2 of the show will deal with more current events. Barr also revealed that she a lot of new idea for storylines pertaining to her Muslim neighbors, so it seems that fans may see the characters again in the next season of the revival series.

During the first season of the Roseanne revival, the show has tackled gender identity and roles, absent parents, death, ageism, the job crisis, and many other hot-button issues. The show will end its season this month but has already been renewed for Season 2 thanks to huge ratings and a big response from fans who loved the original show and were glad to see the cast back together again for new episodes.