‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Friday, May 11: Ridge Wants Bill To Tell The Truth, Brooke Blasts Steffy

Cliff LipsonCBS

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, May 11, states that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pushes Liam (Scott Clifton) for answers, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) supports her daughter and blasts Steffy, while Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) appeals to Bill to do the right thing and let Liam know that there is nothing going on between him and Steffy.

Liam went to see Steffy at the cliff house to tell her that he is now engaged to Hope. His wife questions his sudden decision to get engaged and pleads with him to wait with the wedding until the baby arrives. She insists that there is nothing going on between her and Bill, but Liam flashes to what Wyatt (Darin Brooks) described he saw. Of course, he doesn’t realize that Wyatt was duped. Bold and the Beautiful recaps, via She Knows Soaps, report that Steffy tries to find out what happened to change his mind, but Liam won’t budge.

Ridge bursts into Dollar Bill’s office and starts digging into why Liam now thinks that Steffy and Bill are having an affair. He also tells Bill that Liam is now engaged to Hope, to which Bill replies that it’s about time. Things are playing right into Bill’s hands as he had planned it. First, he broke up Steffy and Liam and now Liam and Hope are together. Steffy’s father works himself into a state and demands that Bill tells Liam that nothing is happening between them. Bold and the Beautiful recaps say that the dressmaker pleads with the media tycoon to do it for the sake of their granddaughter.

Hope asks her mother to be her matron of honor, and Brooke accepts. When she asks about Ridge designing her wedding gown, her mother has another idea. Brooke let Hope wear her wedding dress and her daughter announces that she’s proud to wear that on her wedding dress. Just then, Steffy arrives and she’s incensed when she sees Hope’s getup, exclaiming that they have no shame. Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Steffy says it’s a disgrace that Hope is marrying Liam while she is pregnant with their daughter.

Brooke is having none of it. She tells Steffy that the disgrace is that she slept with her father-in-law. She even mentions having had enough of Taylor’s holier-than-thou attitude and she won’t allow her to do the same to Hope. In the meantime, back in his cabin, Liam looks at a picture of Steffy and says that it wasn’t easy to let her go.