Source says CPSC to announce major crib recall Tuesday

Details are scarce, but sources have disclosed the the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is set to announce a massive crib recall on Tuesday.

Worried parents have been seeking further details on the recall, said to be the largest in history, which is likely to involve cribs with a drop down side. Toys ‘R Us no longer carries cribs with a drop down side, and certain areas of the country have already banned the sale of cribs with that feature.

Until details of the recall are announced, CBS’s Early Show offers these tips to keep your child safe:

Koeppen advises that parents who have a crib in their home that has dropdown sides check to see whether it’s already been recalled. The CPSC suggests checking the hardware to see if it seems solid. Feel the side rail: If you can move it back and forth, that can be dangerous. It points to potentially inadequate hardware and the potential for a gap opening. And stop using the side rail: Don’t put it up and down anymore.