Simon Rex Claims He Dated Meghan Markle & That She Dumped Him Over Bad Breath

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

It’s a running joke now, but adult film star turned Scary Movie actor Simon Rex says that he blew his chances to date bride to be Meghan Markle when he had a bit too much garlic on their date. Rex added that Markle could have also stopped returning his calls because she found out about his “award-winning” adult film past, but his story is that some garlicky noodles made it certain that Prince Harry’s future wife decided to pass on another date.

Simon Rex says he can’t be positive why he never got a second date with Meghan Markle, but publicly he is saying that it was his garlic breath, says Daily Mail.

“There’s so many questions I don’t know the answer to about why we never went on a second date.”

His advice to people out there who are dating: Watch what you eat on a first date.

“But I’m blaming it on the garlic noodles. To this day that’s like an ongoing joke — don’t order the ­garlic noodles that ruined my chances.”

But it’s likely that Markle would prefer not to talk about going on a date with Simon Rex, best known for being a star of gay adult films.

Meghan Markle went out with Rex when she was trying to break into show business at the age of 22. At the time, Markle was getting walk-on parts and trying to get her name out there. She reportedly went out with Rex only one time before she met her first husband. At the same time back in 2004 Simon started dating heiress Paris Hilton.

But the Mirror says Simon has no regrets that things didn’t work out with Markle, even if she went forward in life thinking he had bad breath because he had a great time soon after with Paris. Rex says that Paris was a lot more fun than “square” Markle. Simon says that Paris was “wild” and didn’t insist that they be exclusive.

Simon Rex says his dinner with Prince Harry’s betrothed was going well and had a romantic tone, but that the kiss goodnight seemingly turned Markle off, says News Australia. Rex says that Markle had polish and seemed well-educated and well-raised, different from the women he usually dated.

“That’s probably why we didn’t hit it off, I’m a little more rough around the edges. When I asked her out again I just got the hint she wasn’t into me. I took it on the chin.”