Cheetahs At Safari Park Goes After Woman And Child, Video Captures Terrifying Moment

Cameron SpencerGetty Images

Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals on earth, but one family decided to take their chances anyway at a safari park in the Netherlands recently. The video that was posted by BBC News showed exactly what happened during this terrifying moment when they were being chased by the animals. The horrifying part is that the animals were most likely eyeing the child that was being carried by the female in the video.

The car behind them was rolling their camera as tourists do when they witness such beautiful wildlife in person. Safari parks have become a popular place to go in recent years. This particular incident happened at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands. Cheetahs and other wildlife are roaming about for people to see. However, the park does have rules, as others do, that states that no one should leave their vehicle at any time because of the danger there. Unfortunately, some people just can’t resist their opportune moment to capture the best photos or videos with these animals.

Before the chase occurred, about four or five cheetahs were seen lounging in the grass when the family stepped out of the car, including a young boy. They were snapping away taking pictures of them and stayed right next to their vehicle.

This family decided to take a second go at it, only this time they got braver and walked away from their car to snap some more photos in a different spot. The vehicle that was filming came around the corner and witnessed the family being chased by the cheetahs. The whole thing was caught on camera as the family was surrounded by the creatures.

The cheetahs were obviously not happy. According to the park’s general manager, Niels de Wildt, they prey on small animals. They most likely noticed the boy out in the open in their area and their instincts kicked in. As soon as they saw the predators heading their way, the family quickly booked towards their car. The woman was seen grabbing the boy as soon as she saw the animals heading towards them.

She and the boy were the last ones left with the cheetahs closing in on them. She didn’t run, but it looked like she was trying to shoo them away. One of the cheetahs came very close looking quite agitated. It looked like the animal was on the attack. Thankfully, they all got to the car safely.

According to Big Cats, a cheetah can run in short bursts at approximately 70 mph. This gives them the speed they need to capture their prey. They are one of the greatest hunters in the world. The family at the safari park got lucky that these cheetahs didn’t try to grab the little boy out of the female’s arms thinking he was a small animal. The lesson to be learned here is to obey the rules when they say to stay safely in your vehicle at all times, even if it means missing out on that perfect photo op.