‘iZombie’ Is Officially Renewed For Season 5: Rahul Kohli Responds To Tattoo Rumors

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UPDATE: Since this article was written, Rahul Kohli has responded. His reply is below.

CW has made the official announcement that their popular zombie series, iZombie, has been renewed for a fifth season. Of course, that now means that one of the show’s cast members might also be getting a tattoo to celebrate the news.

Variety revealed that the CW Network has renewed iZombie for Season 5. Currently airing the tail end of its Season 4 episodes, iZombie has been renewed ahead of its Season 4 finale on May 28.

The TV series follows the life of Liv Moore (Rose McIver), a morgue attendant that has a penchant for brains. The series has followed Liv from when she first turned into a zombie after a party gone wrong and had to not only change careers but also keep her true identity a secret, right up to the present where zombies are now a known thing to the rest of the world.

Right from the beginning, though, the morgue attendant she works with, Ravi Chakrabarti, knew her secret and worked with her as he tried to develop a cure for her zombie condition.

Ravi is played by Rahul Kohli, who is very active with iZombie fans on Twitter. Over the course of four seasons of iZombie, he has developed a great rapport with the fan base. Recently, he tweeted a message — likely in jest — that just may come back to bite him now that iZombie has been renewed.

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Rahul declared that he and co-star Malcolm Goodwin (who plays Detective Clive Babineaux) would get matching iZombie tattoos if they got “some good news about the show.” According to the tweet, it was also something the pair had been considering for some time. This tweet got a huge response, with many fans liking and commenting on it.

Once the news broke about the renewal, Rahul took to Twitter once more in regard to the original tweet.

Since this article was published, Rahul Kohli has responded to public demand in relation to him and Malcolm getting matching tattoos. He issued the following reply via his Twitter account.

“For the record, Mac and I WILL be getting our matching #iZOMBiE tattoos in a couple of weeks. We’ll try and bring Rose along and get her to livestream it or something…”

iZombie is currently airing on the CW Network every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. Season 4 concludes on May 28 and there is no news yet on when Season 5 will premiere.