Jenelle Evans Mad At New Husband For Allegedly Cheating

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has allegedly accused her new husband of cheating. The reality show star and Courtland Rogers are expecting their first child together and recently tied the knot. The pair were wed a local courthouse on December 4.

Evans tweeted this to say about Rogers:

“Are you f*****g kidding me? Heartbroken in half completely. And just to think I fooled myself into thinking I was happy. Happiness doesn’t exist it seems lie. Just when I’m around my one and only.”

Courtland Rogers denies the cheating and claims he merely went out and “got wasted,” Radar Online notes. Rogers also reportedly noted he arrived by home to his sleeping pregnant wife around 3 am. Jenelle’s new allegedly humbled himself when discussing his alleged infidelity. Rogers had this to say when expanding upon the claims of marital missteps:

“She deserves somebody better. A guy with a job, a house, and the perseverance to be anything they ‘wanna’ be. I’m a pice of s**t and I now know.”

The Twitter exchange between the two continued with Jenelle Evans asking Rogers if he wanted her to “blast what he did.” Courtland posted. “Goodbye Twitter” but then tweeted a few more times, OK Magazine notes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans announced just a days ago that she is pregnant with her second child. The Teen Mom star posted “baby bump” photos online. The 21-year-old reality show personality also posted her baby’s sonogram online recently, the Daily Mail notes. The text posted with six-week pregnancy image read:

“Check out my ultrasound picture. I circled where the baby is located since it’s really hard to see.”