The Tomb Of A Once Powerful General Of Ramesses II Has Been Discovered In Egypt

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Earlier this week an announcement was made by Professor Ola El-Aguizy from Cairo University that a team of archaeologists have just discovered the tomb of Iwrkhy, a once great and mighty general of Ramesses II of Egypt.

The general’s tomb was recovered near the Causeway of King Unas, and El-Aguizy has determined that the general’s final resting place can be traced back to both Sethi I as well as Ramesses II, as Ahram reports.

Even though General Iwrkhy’s tomb hasn’t undergone a full excavation as of yet, the environment around his tomb has shown the man and his family to have been extremely important figures of ancient Egyptian society. Like many of those who were also able to reach prominent positions during the New Kingdom era, it is believed that Iwrkhy first arrived in Egypt from a foreign land.

As history has recorded, Iwrkhy first started his illustrious military career when Sethi I was firmly at the helm of Egypt and continued on to become one of the most celebrated figures that occupied the court of Ramesses II.

The general’s tomb is similar to other more modern tombs found in the region of Saqqara and contains a statue room, perystile court, and forecourt. With his name recorded inside the tomb, archaeologists also note that the names of his son, Yuppa, and that of his grandson, Hatiay, were also written alongside that of the general.

The statue room of Iwrkhy’s tomb has been reported by archaeologists to be filled with strange and extravagant scenes that detail the general’s illustrious career along with visuals of his work in other countries, including wine jars from Canaan which can be seen being taken off boats in a distant harbor.

One scene in particular has intrigued everyone who has seen it, which shows crocodiles lurking in the water while daring individuals driving chariots manage to successfully dash through the area and over them.

The tomb of the general of Ramesses II also shows how busy Iwrkhy was in his daily life with the many things that surrounded him, from depictions of a luxurious wine cellar to that of Egyptian livestock.

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As the names of other family members of Iwrkhy have also been found on the tomb, archaeologists suspect that this may be a large burial site and will be fully excavating the area to learn more about the life of this great general of Ramesses II.