Ted Cruz Weighs In On Stormy Daniels, North Korea, And Iran

Ron SachsMediaPunch/IPX

Appearing on Fox and Friends on Thursday, Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator for Texas, weighed in on Stormy Daniels, the Iran deal, and the release of three U.S prisoners by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. President Donald Trump plans to meet him next month in Singapore.

Lauding the efforts of Trump, Cruz said that the president is to be commended for bringing these three Americans home. That is a major victory and that is really the result of the American strength, he said.

“We saw for eight years under Barack Obama a foreign policy that was really a policy of weakness and appeasement. The problem is weakness and appeasement does not work with dictators like Kim Jong-Un,” Cruz said, adding that Trump has come in with a strong American foreign policy.

Cruz said that the president did the right thing by pulling out of the Iran deal. “For the last one and half years, I have been talking with the president, urging him to take this course and I think the president has steadily been on this path,” Cruz said.

He reiterated that the Iran deal which President Obama negotiated was “catastrophic.” According to Cruz, the deal clinched by the Obama administration and the E3 with Iran did enormous damage to America. “It allowed billions of dollars to go directly to the world’s leading state sponsors of terrorism,” he said.

On the Stormy Daniels’ scandal, Cruz pointed out that the mainstream media is focusing on petty issues that Americans don’t really care about.


“Most of the media is out of their mind,” he said.

“They have what I call the Trump derangement syndrome. All they can do is attack the president all day long. I got to tell you most Texans are really tired of it. When I go home, nobody asks about the latest scandal of the day and whatever the talking heads are lighting their hair on fire. People are excited about tax cuts, about regulations being lifted, and about jobs growing,” Cruz said.

Cruz is running for re-election to a second term this year. He will face the Democratic nominee, U.S representative Beto O’Rourke in the general election.