‘Days Of Our Lives’ Episode 5/11 Recap: Storyline Twists As Theresa’s Return To Salem Is Fast Approaching

The May 11 episode of Days Of Our Lives revolves around the central plot of Theresa’s return to Salem. Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley), who left the show in 2016 made her first reappearance on air this month. She has been trapped in Mexico City with a drug lord named Mateo (El Fideo). When Chloe was dragged off to Mexico City by Miguel, she discovered Theresa is also being held by the same man.

After Chloe caught Theresa up on the happenings in Salem, the two women began to hatch a plan of escape. The only way out of Mexico City, without placing their families in danger, is to collect enough information against Mateo to hand over to the authorities. Theresa and Chloe feign an argument while Miguel is in the room. When he separates the two women, Theresa is able to steal Miguel’s keys.

There has been much talk about Theresa circulating around Salem on today’s Days of Our Lives, letting us know that her return to our favorite small town is close at hand. Victor, who has known all along why Theresa left her family behind, has been defending Theresa’s honor to Maggie. Maggie, who is in favor of Brady’s relationship with Eve, is confused by Victor’s sudden support of Eve’s sister. Afterall, Eve has yet to leave Brady’s bedside.

Brady and Eve are discussing their love for each other and for Tate. Brady pulls out an engagement ring and once again proposes to Eve. He tells her that she deserves to be treated like a princess and he plans to do just that, all the days of her life if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Before Eve can give Brady an answer to his proposal, Victor enters the room. He states that before an engagement is set in stone, there is something that Brady must know about first. Days of Our Lives viewers believe that he will more than likely tell Brady the reason why Theresa left Salem.

Across town, Kate is at the DiMera mansion reading about the death of Vivian Alamain. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vivian’s life came to a tragic end when Kate accidentally shot Vivian her during yesterday’s episode 5/10 of Days of Our Lives. Lucas appears in the doorway to offer his support.

Kate and Lucas end up arguing about Chloe again. Although Kate doesn’t care for Chloe and believes Lucas will eventually get hurt, she gives him her blessing. Lucas has not given up on their relationship and plans to head to Mexico City to find her.

Back in Mexico City, Theresa is desperate to find enough information to free herself and Chloe. She is able to get into the basement bunker area that Mateo uses to hide away his sensitive information. With some digging, Theresa finds a key to the lockbox and finds exactly what she is looking for. What she didn’t expect to find was Xander Cook (Paul Telfer), walking in the doorway of the bunker.