May 11, 2018
Watch These Celebs Read Bizarre Mom Texts On 'Jimmey Kimmel Live!'

Moms. They're the givers of life. They love you unconditionally. And they send the most bizarre and embarrassing text messages.

To celebrate the women who baked them for nine months, Jimmy Kimmel invited some of his famous friends on his late night talk show to share the strangest messages they've received from their moms. Now, anyone who has a mom knows that technology is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to that most sacred of all relationships. Sure, a smartphone can connect you in a myriad of ways, which is particularly helpful if you live far from home or if you're hoping to skip an upcoming family get-together -- why attend in person when Facetiming works just as well?

But when your technically-challenged parent finally figures out how to text, the cons can sometimes outweigh the pros. That's especially true when your mom catches the texting bug. All of a sudden, this most magical of inventions becomes the go-to vehicle for late-night texts making sure you're eating your vegetables and watering your plants.

If you're a celebrity, the subject of conversation may change, but that doesn't mean you're immune to the random check-in that plagues every human being with a concerned and loving mother. Jimmy Kimmel knows this. That's why he roped some famous faces into reading the weirdest texts they've ever received from the women who gave birth to them.

Anna Faris on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
ABC | Randy Holmes

If you're Anna Faris, it's a quick chat about Allison Janney's Oscar win paired with a subtle dig about Faris' hopeful turn to more dramatic work. If you're Kristen Bell, it's a plea to find out the Oscar winners before the show airs so that mom can win her Oscar betting pool. If you're Will Forte, a text from mom is just a random string of emojis, most of them baby ducks. And if you're Black-ish star Anthony Anderson, well, expect a text from your mom demanding a hotel room in Las Vegas for an impromptu girls' weekend. Then expect a series of follow-up texts making sure you're on top of things. Mamma's gotta party after all.

So, if you're out here thinking you're the only poor soul who has to field head-scratching text messages from your mom on a daily basis, let this funny clip assure you that you're really not alone.