Scheana Marie Blasted On Twitter After Sharing ‘Insensitive’ Tweet About Jax Taylor’s Dad’s Death

Nicole WeingartBravo

Scheana Marie faced backlash earlier this week after it was revealed that she did not call Jax Taylor after his father died.

While the Vanderpump Rules star did send her co-star and years-long friend a text message, Taylor made it clear during Monday night’s episode of the reunion that the text wasn’t quite enough. One day later, Scheana attempted to defend herself to her fans and followers on Twitter.

After one of her fans tweeted that Scheana’s intentions were good, she replied with a post that some felt was insensitive.

“I have lost all 4 grandparents in the same year, 2 uncles I was close to, 2 aunts, a best friend etc,” she tweeted. “I know how tough it is.”

Scheana went on to say that the death of Taylor’s father was his first loss and noted that his anger towards her was “misdirected.” Unfortunately, the message didn’t go over well with everyone and a number of her fans and followers called her out for something she’s been accused of throughout the sixth season of Vanderpump Rules: making everything about herself.

“Everything is not about you,” one person wrote. “Stop turning it into you. Holy s**t.”

“Giving a play by play of how many members she’s lost is so insensitive!” another added. “She always tries to make things about herself.”

A third fan slammed Scheana Marie for comparing the loss of her grandparents to Taylor’s loss of his dad and said the idea was completely “insensitive” “delusional” and “gross.”

Scheana Marie wasn’t portrayed in the best light during Vanderpump Rules Season 6 and many of her fans have turned their backs on her.

During the sixth season, Scheana was completely focused on her relationship with Robert Parks-Valletta and admittedly allowed herself to become completely obsessed with him and their future. As fans saw, Scheana gushed over how happy she was with the actor and how sure she was that they would eventually get married and have children. However, after being accused of cheating on Scheana last summer, Parks-Valletta dumped the reality star after about six months of dating.

On a number of occasions, Scheana has compared her relationship with Parks-Valletta to her past marriage to Mike Shay and even said that her breakup with Parks-Valletta was much harder than her divorce — even though she and Shay had been together for seven years.

To see more of Scheana Marie and her co-stars, don’t miss next Monday’s episode of the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.