‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Crumbles And Nelle Maintains Her Charade As The Baby Shower Drama Escalates


The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that Friday’s episode will be jam-packed with emotion. A handful of Port Charles ladies are gathered for Nelle Hayes’ baby shower and she relished the opportunity to set Carly Corinthos up for a massive mental health fall. The drama started on Thursday’s show and will carry over into the May 11 episode.

Nelle seemingly managed to kill two birds with one stone when she pushed Carly’s buttons with a gift that reminded her of Morgan and set Ava up to look like the villain in supposedly purchasing the penguin mobile that is at the center of the drama. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Josslyn will be desperately begging her mother to calm down while Bobbie stands by her daughter’s side.

As all of this chaos plays out, Nelle will be playing her sweet-and-innocent role of looking doe-eyed and hurt. She’s getting exactly what she wanted here, and the General Hospital spoiler preview for this next episode shows that Carly will even go so far as to call her nemesis a snake. Ava is in a tough position in this situation, as she detests Carly intensely. However, she knows that Nelle is playing dirty here. As the drama escalates, Monica, Brad, and Olivia are all there as innocent bystanders who won’t be able to help but think that Corinthos is in the midst of a serious mental health crisis.

There has been speculation swirling that Ava may ultimately change sides and pair up with Carly to take down Nelle, but viewers may not see that start quite yet. There are also spoilers making the rounds detailing that Nelle will take a tumble down some stairs while arguing with Carly, leading to a stint in jail or a mental health institution for Corinthos for her role in the drama.

In addition to all of that, there are big questions looming about the baby boom in Port Charles and how twisted it might get. Many soap fans would say that there’s got to be something bad on the horizon when you have Nelle and Maxie both expecting around the same time alongside Brad and Lucas set to adopt a mystery woman’s baby. General Hospital spoilers detail that at least one of these babies will arrive during May sweeps, perhaps during the Nurses Ball, and there are hints of big trouble playing out during the week of May 14 in particular.

Friday’s episode also has action coming from storylines involving Sonny and the Croton problem, Sam meeting with Peter, Valentin pushing Anna’s buttons, and Nina meeting with Curtis. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as the drama escalates in Port Charles and Nelle’s shenanigans continue to shake things up.