Five Bad Mom TV Moments Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Adam RoseABC

Where’s Carol Brady when you need her? Sure, today’s TV moms have a lot more to deal with than fights over the bathroom and attic bedrooms—the parenting methods of Mrs. Brady, and June Cleaver before her, would never work with today’s social media savvy kids. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement based on some of the bad TV mom moments television fans have witnessed over the past year.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re taking a look at five recent times TV moms messed up. Take a look at some really bad TV mom moments.

Roseanne—Hillbilly Day Spa

Holy moly, Rosie. No doubt about it, Darlene Conner’s (Sara Gilbert) teen daughter Harris (Emma Kenney) is a bona fide brat. Her sassy clap back at Granny Rose (Roseanne Barr), calling her a “stupid old hillbilly” in the episode “Roseanne Gets the Chair,” definitely deserved repercussions. But Granny may have taken things too far when she grabbed her granddaughter by the hair and doused her head in the kitchen sink. Besides the germs (isn’t there more e.coli in a kitchen sink than in a toilet?), it was a pretty violent move. While Roseanne got the last word in by introducing Harris to the “Hillbilly Day Spa,” couldn’t she have kept it to calling her an “entitled little b***h” instead?

This Is UsRebecca Plays Favorites

We will not go there and blame Rebecca (Mandy Moore) for the Crock Pot fiasco that left her kids fatherless, because Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) knew about that faulty switch, too. But fast forward 20 years to the family therapy session at Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) rehab and Rebecca’s admission that she really does love Randall (Sterling K. Brown) more than her other kids. What mom does that—even if she thinks it?

Rise—Lillette’s Mom Skips Town

On the NBC drama, Rise, Vanessa Suarez (Shirley Rumierk) isn’t much older than her daughter Lillette (Auli’I Cravalho). But that doesn’t give her a free pass to make every bad decision possible, like sleeping with the married high school football coach or leaving her 15-year-old home alone for days just because she can’t deal. For Lillette’s sake, let’s hope the mama who bore her resurfaces in time to see her daughter’s opening night in the school’s production of Spring Awakening. But for now, it’s Vanessa who needs the wake-up call.

Stranger Things—Mrs. Wheeler’s Stranger Danger

Stranger Things 2 fans were thrown a curveball with an unexpected scene between Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono) and Hawkins bad boy Billy (Dacre Montgomery). The seductive scene, where Mike and Nancy’s mom drooled over teen Billy while her young son was out somewhere dodging Demogorgons, left a bad taste in some viewers’ mouths. Still, producers haven’t ruled out a hookup in season 3.

“That scene where she was in the bath and then he ate the cookie in her kitchen,” Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy told TV Guide. “I don’t even know if it was a fan favorite, but it was a producers’ favorite. The Duffers and I love that scene, and so I’m just going to say that the Billy and Mrs. Wheeler dynamic is not yet done.”

13 Reasons Why—Mrs. Jensen, Just Why?

For some viewers, there are more than 13 reasons why Clay’s mom makes this list. Yes, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) has put his mom Lainie (Amy Hargreaves) through the wringer—running off, drugs, drinking, fighting, etc. And we won’t even fault her for making him wear his helmet, even though he is in high school. (Are you ever really too old to protect your head from an injury?) But we have to draw the line with defending Liberty High in the negligence lawsuit slapped on the school district by deceased student Hannah Baker’s family. The case is just too close to Clay, and that is not OK.