Rovio Games Are The Most Addicting For Kids, Study Finds

Angry Birds and Addicting Rovio Games For Children

Does your child play hours of Angry Birds, Star Wars, Bad Piggies, or Angry Birds Seasons? If they do, they are not alone. A new study by the team at Kytephone has found that games developed by Rovio are among the most addictive for kid gamers.

Kytephone is uniquely positioned to examine child gamers because they tools are used to develop kid-safe devices with parental controls.

Data for the company’s research was pulled from a sample group of 13,000 children between the ages of 8 to 14 years old. The study examined children in 70 countries where mobile gaming is popular.

The study found that during the holiday’s children spent 51 percent more time on Angry Birds Star Wars compared to Angry Birds (the original game). Angry Birds Star Wars only has 40 percent of the users compared to the original game but appears to be more addictive for children.

Here are the most popular games in terms of “time spent playing”:

  • • Angry Birds Star Wars (Rovio)
  • • Angry Birds (Rovio)
  • • Bad Piggies (Rovio)
  • • MineCraft (demo)
  • • Angry Birds Seasons (Rovio)
  • • MineCraft
  • • Angry Bird Space (Rovio)
  • • Temple Run
  • • Logo Quiz

The biggest consideration for most Rovio games appears to be the install base. For example, Bad Piggies was right behind Angry Birds despite having 60 percent less users. In fact, Bad Piggies, which requires more per level setup, is played the most with 1.12 hours per install.

Time spent playing games can be an important contributor to in-app game purchases as gamers ask their parents to buy more in-app products to help with their quests. This particular survey, however, did not examine the relationship between time spent playing and in-app spending.