Miranda Lambert Is Reportedly Upset Over Blake Shelton’s ‘Karma’ Tweet About Her Current Relationship

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Miranda Lambert is moving on with her life regardless of what people think. She split from Blake Shelton three years ago, but it seems that marriage keeps haunting her. News of Lambert finding a new man after her split from Anderson East has stirred up emotions from fans and reportedly even Shelton.

Last week, Blake Shelton tweeted about karma. It made headlines when followers wondered whether it was directed at his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. News of her relationship with Evan Felker broke, and news of his marriage shortly followed. According to Life & Style Magazine, Miranda Lambert is upset about the tweet. She is dating Felker, and while he is technically still married, his marriage is over. It is being said that the only reason the divorce hasn’t gone into official status yet is that his soon-to-be-ex-wife is arguing over money.

There is definitely some animosity between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. She is upset because he is throwing shade when he was essentially in the same boat. In fact, he was publicly dating Gwen Stefani before her marriage to Gavin Rossdale was dissolved. The two have been happily flaunting their relationship in the public eye, and Lambert has been more low-key with her life.

While Blake Shelton hasn’t confirmed the karma tweet was about Miranda Lambert, fans believe it was. His idea that he is catching her in the wrong is something he is reportedly relishing in according to an insider who spoke with Life & Style Magazine. The tit for tat and back and forth between the former married couple is something that wasn’t expected by fans. Lambert and Shelton appeared to be taking their split amicably, but now, that doesn’t seem to be the case despite them both having moved on.

As the world waits for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to eventually tie the knot, there are high hopes that Miranda Lambert will find happiness with Evan Felker. While they will have to wait for his divorce to go final, it looks like the two are enjoying their time together. Shelton took a shot at his ex-wife on Twitter, and now things should settle down. Lambert likely won’t publicly speak on it, but she isn’t going to let it continue to happen either.