Kim Kardashian Jokingly Blames Kanye West For Her First Gray Hair

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Oh no! Kim Kardashian discovered her very first gray hair, and she’s not taking it lying down. In fact, she (jokingly) blamed her rapper husband, Kanye West, for the stressful ordeal.

Since Ye’s surprising return to Twitter, he’s making headlines left and right, and some of the headlines have been super controversial (we’re looking at you slavery is a choice). According to a People report, Kim Kardashian will appear on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Friday, and during her interview, she told them that she found her first gray hair, which she blames on her sometimes erratic husband — all in jest of course.

Ultimately, the tone of her comments about Yeezy remained positive, and 37-year-old mother of three told the hosts that he’s busy, but he’s doing well and focusing on a couple albums he’s working on in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

If her recent Instagram stories are any indication, then it looks like she might have hopped a plane after recording her appearance on Live, and went to Wyoming to spend a bit of time reconnecting with her husband. The images included stunning nature views complete with mountains in the distance. Plus, one showed a table set with coffee for two. While she joined him there last week, it looks like she may have flown back to be with him after a whirlwind week of jet-setting.

With her solo appearance at the Met Gala earlier this week, rumors swirled that the pair planned to divorce, but she cleared that up quickly with a supportive tweet from the star-studded event.

According to her Vanity Fair interview, Kim’s favorite moment at the Met Gala was when Madonna surprised everybody with a performance of “Like A Prayer.” Although the famous businesswoman had seen the singer in concert before she said, “…in the Met, in a museum, with the monks. It was insane.”

In addition to blaming him for a gray hair, which at 37 isn’t too surprising, she also praised her husband, who calls himself a genius, for helping her bring her visions to life when she occasionally gets stuck. She admitted she often bounces her ideas off her husband, and he’s able to help her when she cannot figure out how to pull everything together.