'Flip Or Flop's' Tarek El Moussa Is Receiving Stem Cell Treatments

Ahead of the first new episode of Flip or Flop -- the hit HGTV show starring the now-divorced Tarek and Christina El Moussa -- it's been revealed that Tarek is receiving stem cell treatments.

According to Page Six, who broke the story, the Flip or Flop star posted an image of the surgery on his Instagram page, tipping off the press that he was, in fact, getting the controversial treatment.

Apparently, too, the treatment was for a back injury he received, rather than for his testicular and thyroid cancer from the past.

Tarek said that he believed he was getting "more than a million" stem cells injected into him, and he was "praying that it works."

Tarek also told his followers that he received the back injury while he was battling the two cancers simultaneously, and the pain was so excruciating that he could barely walk.

He said that the last time he injured his back, he lost 50 pounds and was taking so many pain meds that it "changed who he was" as a person.

Previously, Tarek revealed that he developed a dependency on painkillers, and it was this chemical dependency that contributed to the demise of his marriage to his Flip or Flop co-star, Christina El Moussa.

He told Dr. Drew, at the time, that he'd lost 60 pounds as a result of the dependency on painkillers, combined with the cancer he'd been battling, and it was "the worst three or four years of his life."

In advertisements for their first new episode of the year, Flip or Flop is playing off the Tarek and Christina divorce, even going so far as to tell the viewers that they've "seen the headlines" and fans should tune in to see how well they work together now that the divorce has been finalized.

Well folks!!!!! As you know I'm desperate to fix my back so.....I did STEM CELL surgery today!! It's CRAZY!!! They lipo my fat out with a 12 inch needle???????????? (I asked to take all my fat, they said no????) than they spin it and separate the stem cells into a liquid. They than take the liquid and inject it through an IV. Somehow...the stem cells find the injured areas of your body and begin the process of healing it at a super fast rate. I believe they put over 1,000,000 stem cells back in my body after the lipo. It's wild seeing the technology and future of medicine....has ANYONE had stem cell injections? Is anyone familiar with it? Thank you Brent at @rockinstitute.......I AM PRAYING THIS WORKS!!! I WILL KEEP ALL MY WONDERFUL FANS UPDATED!!????

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However, both Tarek and Christina have said, in the past, that despite their divorce, they not only still work well together, but they are also "the best of friends," even if they have to be for the sake of their two children.
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A new episode of Flip or Flop airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on HGTV. Check your local listings for the channel.