‘Chicago P.D.’ Season Finale Shocking Death Has Fans And Co-Stars Mourning

Daniel BoczarskiGetty Images

Chicago P.D. aired the Season 5 finale last night. As viewers held their breath, the show delivered one of the most devastating blows of all. Going into the season finale, there was talk about how the Chicago P.D. writers would handle the situation with Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) and his medical emergency.

Viewers were shocked when they learned that Alvin Olinsky did not make it. All of this unfolded shortly as the Chicago P.D. episode began airing. As the storyline played out, the reason it happened became clear. Despite Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) attempt to justify his sins, he finally paid the ultimate price. According to Us Weekly, Chicago P.D. writers had no idea where the story was headed until they played out several scenarios. Killing off Olinsky was the one thing that would make the biggest impact on Voight.

The decision was made completely for the storyline, not because of any other reason. Elias Koteas wasn’t trying to leave the show, but it became the only option for the Chicago P.D. writers. The other actors were shocked by the news when they learned how things would play out. Viewers didn’t think that Koteas would be leaving the show, especially because he has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

There has been some fan speculation that Alvin Olinsky could return because there was no body to see. While that would be a fun twist, the show and cast members paid tribute to Elias Koteas after the season finale aired. Shortly before Chicago P.D. was over, the network announced the renewal and plans for Season 6. The finale was focused on avenging Al’s death, and there may be a funeral or memorial taking place next season.

As fans mourn the shocking death of Chicago P.D. character Alvin Olinsky, the writers are preparing for another season of storylines. The end of Season 4 saw Olinsky lose his daughter, and now, he is gone as well. Elias Koteas made an impact on his co-stars and fans, something that will be remembered as the show continues to flourish. Season 6 won’t be the same, but there is hope that the writers will acknowledge Olinsky’s death moving forward.