‘Young And Restless’ Fans React To ‘Hevon’ Developments, Hints That Hilary And Devon May Soon Reunite

Jason KempinGetty Images

Thursday’s episode of The Young and the Restless had some great scenes for fans of Hilary and Devon, and it certainly looks as if a “Hevon” reunion might be edging closer to becoming a reality. This couple has certainly navigated many intense ups and downs, and the pair’s supporters have been vocal on social media about wanting happier times for them again. How are they reacting to the latest developments?

Hilary was terrified for Devon to learn that she wasn’t actually pregnant yet, but he surprised her by being supportive and encouraging her to pursue the insemination. Thursday’s Young and Restless episode brought a split for Devon and Simone, and Hilary’s feathers were ruffled when Abby shared a close moment with him to demonstrate how a couple could have chemistry.

Hil was happy to hear that Devon and Simone were no longer together, even though he was quick to caution her that he didn’t do it to pave the way for a reunion. He may be trying to resist the idea, but Soap Central teases Young and Restless spoilers hinting that the two will be embarking on a new and surprising chapter in their lives soon and there may be both a wedding and a baby ahead for the duo.

Hevon supporters are anxious to see this pair back together again, but many point out that there’s true work that needs to be done first. As one Young and Restless fan noted recently on Twitter, they need to talk truthfully about their insecurities and issues before they can truly reunite. Another common thread online is that people want the extended family to back off with the constant interference.

Actor Bryton James, who plays Devon, has urged Hevon fans to have patience and his recent tweet definitely teased that the payoff will be worth the wait. Mishael Morgan, who plays Hilary, is always consistent in thanking the Hevon crew for their support and she clearly loves them to pieces. This has been an especially messy soap pairing over the years, but Young and Restless viewers who support seeing these two as a couple remain steadfast in believing that they’re destined to be together.

Is it possible for Hilary and Devon to put their rocky pasts behind them and start fresh with an eye on building a family and a future together? The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there are big moments ahead for Hevon fans and they’re counting down as they wait for the time to celebrate.