‘One Piece’ Chapter 904 Spoilers: Monkey D. Dragon Declares All-Out War Against Celestial Dragons In Reverie

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One Piece Chapter 904 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will be focused on the Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionary Army. Is the war between the Revolutionary Army and the Celestial Dragons happening soon?

In the spoilers posted at Oro Jackson, One Piece Chapter 904 started with the gathering of the Revolutionary Army at the Kamabakka Kingdom, which serves as their new headquarter after Emperor Marshall D. Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard destroyed Baltigo. Most of the revolutionaries are already at the Kamabakka Kingdom, including Luffy’s friend, Emporio Ivankov, who was seen talking with Koala.

Meanwhile, Sabo already learned about the incident at the Whole Cake Island and was happy to know that his brother is safe. One Piece Chapter 904 revealed that Dragon is planning to declare an all-out war against the Celestial Dragons. Dragon and the Revolutionary Army are usually one of the topics every time the Reverie is held. Now that the world’s dangerous criminal finally makes his first move, there is a high possibility that the Navy, Cipher Pol, and the entire World Government will be on full alert.

One Piece Chapter 904 also featured the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army – Morley (West Army), Belo Betty (East Army), Lindbergh (South Army), and Karasu (North Army). All of them appeared at the Lurucia Kingdom while Pinkbeard, Blackbeard’s underling, is attacking and getting the citizens’ money that was intended for the Celestial Dragons.

Belo Betty, who initially called the citizens “trash” for being cowards, used the power of her devil fruit, Soru Soru No Mi, to encourage them to fight the pirates. The citizens of the Lurucia Kingdom suddenly became determined to defend their territory despite only holding normal weapons.

Lindbergh attacked the enemy with “Cool Shooter” to freeze their pistols, while Karasu ordered his crows to take away the swords from the pirates. With the help of the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army, Pinkbeard and her crew were defeated. Belo Betty told the people to call them whenever they need help. She said that they never discard people who have the courage to fight. She also let them take Pinkbeard to the World Government and claim the bounty on her head.

Two days before the Reverie, it was revealed that the Germa 66 is no longer part of the World Government. The decision to remove them from the World Government might be because of their participation in the failed assassination of Big Mom where Morgans reported that the Germa 66 is an ally of the Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 904 will be coming out soon.