Sean Condell: Florida Man Avoids Death Penalty For Killing Mother, Son Execution-Style At Spider-Man Party

The sentencing of Sean Condell finally took place over a decade later. Despite originally facing the death penalty, the Florida man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Carla Queely and her seven-year-old son Chaquone execution-style at his Spider-Man themed birthday party.

The mass shooting took place in October 2006. Condell and four others targeted the North Miami-Dade house because they believed there was a large amount of cash in a safe. Armed with three guns, the men broke in and demanded to know where a drug dealer named "Haitian Pete" was keeping the cash safe in the home. They believed that Haitian Pete was a boyfriend of one of the victims.

"The joy of that day ended when Sean Condell pointed his gun at the mother and her son," Assistant State Attorney David Gilbert said during opening statements back in April according to the Miami Herald. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.... All six shots hit. Not one shot missed."

Carla and Chaquone were executed so they could not identify the thieves to police. The little boy was shot dead while he was wearing his Spider-Man costume for his birthday party. Sisters Shantara and Ann Maynard, along with Shantara's two children, were also shot at point-blank range in the head by Condell's partner, Jose Estache, but they somehow survived their horrific wounds.

"One can only imagine this child wished he possessed the powers of Spider-Man as he donned his cape to stop the terror you brought. But alas, he could not," Circuit Judge Ellen Sue Venzer told Condell. "His mother — a real superhero — showed courage when she attempted to shield her child from the hail of gunfire. She too was unable to defend against the evil. You're evil, Mr. Condell. I hope you ponder your senseless crimes as you wait for death to take you out of prison."

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The judge sentenced Condell to six consecutive life terms behind bars. The three other thieves — Rayon Samuels, Bjon Lee, and Damian Lewis — pled guilty to second-degree murder and received 20-year prison sentences. Samuels, the getaway driver, and Lee testified against Condell during the two-week trial.

Condell originally faced the death penalty when the trial started back in April. Jurors did convict the Florida man of first-degree, but "they did not find he possessed a weapon during the crime, forcing prosecutors to abandon their efforts to put him to death."