‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Friday, May 11: Steffy Begs Liam, Ridge Confronts Schemer Bill

Cliff LipsonCBS

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday, May 11 reveal that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will put her pride in her pocket and once again beg Liam (Scott Clifton) for the sake of her and her child. Her father remains on the warpath and will confront Bill (Don Diamont) about his suspicions. Will Steffy be able to change Liam’s mind? Will Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) get Bill to confess his wrongdoings, or will he just incite more trouble?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via She Knows Soaps, state that Ridge suspects that Bill is the culprit behind Liam and Steffy’s breakup. He knows better than anyone what Bill is capable of, after all this is the man who tried to kill him in a helicopter “accident,” and he knows that Bill wouldn’t blink twice before sabotaging his son and Steffy’s marriage. B&B fans will remember that when Liam ended any notion of them getting back together, Steffy ran to her father for support. Ridge asked her what had happened. She told him that the only conduct she was guilty of was hugging Bill. However, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday, May 11 state Ridge has already figured out that Bill may be behind Liam’s sudden change of heart.

“Of course he’s upset! Stop hugging his father! What are you doing?”

B&B fans will remember that Steffy told her dad that Liam had found out that she had been at Bill’s office. Ridge now knows these key facts: Steffy had hugged Bill, and someone had told Liam that she was still seeing his father. Since this went down at the office, it would seem logical that either the person was at the Spencer Publications building or Bill had told Liam himself. Ridge knows that Liam wouldn’t entirely believe his father bragging about getting it on with Steffy since he knows that his father asked for Steffy’s hand in marriage and he is prone to lying. Therefore, either someone saw Bill and Steffy together and formed their own conclusions, Bill told someone to lie about him and Steffy, or he staged him and Steffy hugging in public so that lurking eyes would be misinformed.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Ridge is sure enough about his theory that he will confront Bill about it. Longtime B&B fans will remember that when Ridge confronted Bill all those years ago about wanting to kill him, Bill denied it. He then tried to force Justin to admit that they were behind the helicopter accident. Will Ridge follow the same route this time around, or will he resort to similar measures that his ex-wife had employed? After all, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) nearly succeeded in murdering Dollar Bill. Perhaps Ridge can persuade him to tell the truth one way or the other. For more Bold and the Beautiful recaps, spoilers, and news, check back here often.