Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Here’s The Drinking Game

Armando FrancaAP Images

For many who tune in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, it is all about the vocal performance. Or, perhaps it is about the costuming as countries seem to compete for the most outrageous outfit from year to year. However, for others, the Eurovision Song Contest has developed into an annual drinking game.

A drinking game can be easily developed on the spot in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest. Even if you only take a sip of your preferred beverage every time there is a key change as suggested to Pedestrian by Joe Creasey, Australia’s Eurovision correspondent, you would be halfway to a fully-fledged drinking game. However, adding the rules involving pyrotechnics displays or someone walking on stage in a white outfit would round out your drinking game nicely and you will still find yourself quite inebriated by the end of the evening.

On top of this standard version of the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game, every year, there are usually stylized versions. For those who have checked out the songs well in advance, they are able to discover some more interesting reasons to drink during the event. Something like stairs on fire, a unique musical instrument, or a costume reveal instantly become a reason to drink during the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Telegraph has its own version of the Eurovision Song Contest. Their suggestions include drinking whenever the word “love” is mentioned, or if there is a wind machine, or someone comes on stage wearing a traditional costume. These are pretty standard fare during any Eurovision event. However, they also include more obscure rules. They suggest you drink if someone sounds like an insane stalker, if someone takes off clothing, or if the song lyrics make no sense.

Along with all these suggestions, there is also a Facebook page that updates its rules every year for the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game.

Of course, as with every drinking game, it is important that participants aim to drink responsibly, even if Eurovision itself contains a plethora of instances where one can tip their glass.

The first semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has already aired. The second semi-final will be broadcast on Thursday, May 10, at 7 p.m. The grand final will then air on Saturday, May 12, 2018, starting at 7 p.m. All times are in WEST (Western European Summer Time) or UTC/GMT + 1.