Kris Jenner’s ‘Kris Cosmetics’ Set To Drop On Mother’s Day

Charley GallayGetty Images

This Mother’s Day, Kylie Jenner is gifting her mom, Kris, with a special collaboration.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the 62-year-old hacked her daughter’s @kyliecosmetics Twitter and Instagram accounts in what many people believe to be a genius marketing scheme. In the hack, Kylie’s Instagram story showed a black page that read, “Kylie….hacking,” before Kris Jenner exclaims, “Hi dolls. Ready for me to takeover? guess who…”

Kylie’s collab with her mom will fittingly drop on Mother’s Day and the Hollywood Reporter shares that Kylie and Kris both teased fans today by testing out many of the products from their upcoming collection on Kylie Cosmetics’, aka Kris Cosmetics’, Instagram story.

The first item that the duo share is a collection of eight mini lipsticks (with mattes, liquids, and velvets) with the packaging titled “Momager.” Kris even does the swatches on Kylie’s arm, revealing some of the lip gloss names including “boss,” “too blessed,” and “middle finger.”

Next, Kylie and Kris reveal the next part of their collection, a face palette with blushes and highlighters. The packaging is white with black lettering over Kylie’s logo and reads, “you’re doing amazing sweetie.” Again, all highlighters are cleverly named with one taking a page right out of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show titled “your sister’s going to jail.”

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And if the mini lipsticks and the highlighters weren’t enough excitement for one day, Kylie and Kris also share an eyeshadow palette. This palette includes 12 different eyeshadows ranging in color from light peach to shimmery black. Once again, the ladies nailed it with the eyeshadow names with a few hilarious ones that include “vodka tonic,” “does it come in black,” and “it’s an emergency.”

There are also two full-sized lipsticks in the collection named “give me a kiss.” The packaging on the lipsticks is complete with the middle finger emoji.

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As most fans of the KarJenner family know, Kylie has already done makeup collaborations with Khloe, Kim, and most recently Kourtney. The 20-year-old also just released the “Weather Collection” as a tribute to her daughter, Stormi.

For fans hoping to get their hands on one or more items from the latest Kylie Cosmetics collection, they will be for sale on her website starting on Mother’s Day.