Mom Uses Egg Yolk To Conceive After 5 Failed IVF Treatments

Hannah Cope had given up on getting pregnant. After five failed in vetro fertilization attempts, Hannah and her husband decided to try one more experimental procedure before resigning to the idea of never having children of their own.

Cope, 34, was drip fed a solution of egg yolk and soya bean oil.

Several weeks later, the couple found out they were expecting. The proud parents gave birth to a 5 lb, 20 oz son. Little Noah Parker in now 18 weeks old.

Hannah Cope states that after so many failed attempts, “I didn’t believe it when I found out I was pregnant.”

“We did this last treatment to make peace and to know we had tried everything before facing a life without children. It took a while for it to sink in and we were in fear that it would all be taken away from us. But then we had the heartbeat scan and we had to believe it.”

Hannah has a condition that caused her body to attack embryos, causing her to miscarry. The egg yolk solution reportedly helps stabilize the immune system by making it harder for the body to attack a fertilized embryo.

The couple learned of the treatment through a fertility group after several failed IVF attempts. They decided to try to procedure, which isn’t yet available through England’s National Health Service.

The treatment, called intralipid infusion therapy, was originally uses as a nutritional boost for premature babies and post-operative patients, as its blend of soya oil and egg products is high in calories and essential fatty acids. It is also thought to have a stabilizing effect on cell membranes, making it harder for other cells to attack.

In 2011, Dr. George Ndukwe, of the CARE fertility clinic in Nottingham, UK, conducted a trial of the therapy on a group of 50 women who had failed to become pregnant despite several rounds of IVF attempts.

Half of those women became pregnant, compared with just 9 percent of those not given the egg yolk substance. A review of the trial concludes that further studies are needed before the procedure is approved for general use.

But for Hannah and Simon Cope, little Noah Parker is all the proof they need that the procedure can work.

Noah was conceived after using an egg yolk drip, a new type of fertility treatment.